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In 1999 he proposed a new theory of the creation of the universe where the cosmic structures are built in fractal hierarchy following a universal dynamics and a cosmic design. Since then he has been engaged in communicating this theory of "Timelessness in Time". His first literary-philosophical book was about the death of his only son, who was bereaved of life in an accident on the Alps in 1990. After this accident he left scientific research for some years and engaged himself in writing an epic called "Tathagata`s Journey" about the wandering of the universal man, who comes and goes life after life. Through this writing he tried to grasp the meaning of life and death and the purpose of the journey of life while drawing inspirations from the epics, mythologies and the philosophies of the East and the West. The first exhibition of his paintings entitled "Reality Myth and Dream in the Norwegian Landscape: Art without Beginning and End Moving Through the Cycles of Life, Death and Resurrection" was held at Seoul Arts Centre in 1997. He has also held solo exhibitions in India. Presently he is working with a project called "Windows of Light". His latest writing is "Born and Unborn: God Delusion and Reality", where he tells about his experiences of the supernatural world, who has guided his life. The encounter with the supernatural has created great torments and turmoils in his life and made him feel like an alien in the world. He has written this book in order to grasp the nature of the mind and brain and their relations to the cosmos as well as to understand himself. He hopes that through this book the others may also be able to see and understand themselves.

New theory of the Universe

Life`s journey as a part of the universal man

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Relations of the mind and brain to the cosmos, the natural laws and realm not understood by man